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Are you a landlord having issues collecting rent in the COVID-19 rental environment?

System - Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Brought to you by Carl Stratton, Broker of Dennis Realty & Dennis Property Management and Lori Hendrix, Director of Dennis Property Management.

Are you a landlord having issues collecting rent in the COVID-19 rental environment? Due to Covid-19 some people have lost their job and are having trouble paying rent. We are a Property Management company with over 1200 rentals and we have over 95% of our tenants paying their rent on time every month. But this is an issue if it is your tenant not paying rent. There is a solution out there in all the counties of Florida where tenants can get assistance with money for paying rent. You can visit these sites for more information. 

Hillsborough please Visit:

Pinellas County please visit:

Pasco Please Visit:

Polk County Please Visit:

The tenants would apply for assistance through the website and we have had many success stories with tenants receiving help. None of Dennis Property Management tenants have been denied.  Normally the money they are receiving is just not for one month, but it is also for the previous months they are behind and for future months. One of our tenants got 4 months future rent as well as the months they were behind on.

We are landlords as well so we understand the frustration when someone is not paying rent. But in this environment, there is money and resources available that some tenants might not be aware of or know that they can do this themselves. Dennis Property Managements posture in this is we go and help our tenants apply for the assistance and walk them through the process. If you are a landlord and you're not getting paid rent we recommend helping your tenants. There is a lot of money and resources available and we do not want it to go unused.

We handle Property management in the Tampa bay area and all the surrounding markets. If you have any questions about this process or need help we would love to assist you.

Director Lori Hendrix: 813-948-5660