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How to fix Nail Holes when moving out of a rental property.

System - Sunday, March 4, 2018

Carl Stratton and Lori Hendrix with Dennis Property Management show how NOT to patch a nail hole.

When you move out please don't use spackle and place a large patch over a tiny nail hole! This is actually something that could end up causing a security claim, especially if it's painted over. It takes the texture off the wall! Once the wall gets repainted there will be a flat spot requiring that the wall be retextured, turning something small into a big issue.

What should you do instead?

Simply fill the hole with spackle. It can make the difference between a security claim of hundreds if not thousands of dollars and no claim at all depending on the damage.

If you have questions about property management, or spackling any nail holes, give us a call!

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Happy Renting!