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Preventive Maintenance for Your Florida Home

System - Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Brought to you by Carl Stratton, Broker of Dennis Realty & Dennis Property Management and Lori Hendrix, Director of Dennis Property Management. 

3 things we want to talk about with concerns to your Florida home in particular for the summer time. Right now, we are in hurricane season, which brings us rain and wind. The First thing we want to talk about is the trees that are around your house and possibly touching your roof. You need to have your trees cut back at least 3 feet before the wind starts blowing because the branches will ruin your roof by bending your shingles and causing roof damage. We recommend cutting the trees back 3- 10 feet. A lot of Trees will grow 1-2 feet depending on the type and size of tree during the growing season which is summer time.  The second thing is cleaning your gutters out. Overloaded gutters cause roof damage to your fascia they overflow and they can rip off the roof causing rot and problems with your roof. Even though the leaves aren’t falling the gutters are full. This is the time to clean them out before the water starts gushing in. The Third is getting your AC Serviced. If you haven’t already these are the three things you need to address right now with your Florida home or Rental home. We’re Dennis Property Management, please give us a call with any questions.

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