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When bad reviews are good for Property Management

System - Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Everybody’s looking at reviews when they search for companies, were no different in the property management business. Property Management business it is a little bit different due to our situation, we work for landlords and we rent to tenants on behalf of our landlords. Our client is a Landlord. When you see reviews online a majority of them that are negative, which aren’t very many, are most likely from a tenant or an applicant.

Why do people hire property managers? So, we can take the heat and help them make the decisions, they leave it to the professionals, and we do take the brunt of the aggravations for the landlord.

For Example A tenant comes in they make an application and we go through our process and we reject them for a number of reasons it could be income, credit, criminal, their references, maybe they didn’t tell us the truth, or they come up with a bunch of red flags that make us ask more questions and it just doesn’t work out. Often tenants will get angry then demand their money back, because we do make them pay for the application to process. Our objective is to get the best tenant for your house, that is a property managers job. When we get a bad review, it is really a good review that shows we are doing our Job. Another example is on a tenant move out situation, when that tenant moves out and we have to charge them a security deposit. This can be for several different reasons, they didn’t clean, or they damaged something, and we have to hold some of their security deposit money, and they don’t agree with us. There is a process for them to go through which we make them aware of and when it doesn’t work their way sometimes, they just nail us with bad reviews. They tell us to give them back their money or else we will give you negative reviews online. We are going to take that hit because that is part of our business. Understand when you are looking at google reviews for property management companies it is not quite the same as a restaurant or other business that have a direct client relationship, ours is a little more complicated.

I am Carl Stratton, the broker of Dennis Property management and Dennis Realty and if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 813-949-7444 or look us up online at Also, if you need a great property manager anywhere in the United States, we would be happy to give you a reference because we have a phenomenal network called NARPM that we have contact with property managers and companies all over the country. Have a great day